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Life of Bees

An immersive experience about pesticides and the US bee colony collapse.
Unity, Blender
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The Life of Bees explores the global issue of bee colony collapses through an interactive Unity game. The experience lets you dive into the perspectives of multiple involved stakeholders - Bees and Humans - and understand how these two interact with each other. The game is located at a Californian Almond Farm on a cloudy morning. You start exploring the scene as a farmer, who is tasked to regulate the pesticide usage on that farm. However, as you explore, you get the unique chance to swap perspective with one of the bees on your farm to understand how your actions impact wildlife.
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Technical Aspects
  • Various custom C# scripts in Unity allow user interaction (buttons, perspective switches, light effects)
  • Custom modeling and animating of Bee in Autodesk Maya
  • Custom modelling of objects in Blender
  • Particle systems to create smokey pesticide visual
  • Mixamo animated character that user controlls from 3rd perspective
  • Custom audio effects and spatial audio
One of the first versions in Unity.
Modeling and animating the bee in Autodesk Maya
OOPS I lost all textures 😱.
Coding many interaction scripts with the help of ChatGPT.