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Stained Underwear

A real-time data visualization that sheds light on the amount of time and labor that goes into period care.
Grand Prize 'Data is Art' Competition
UVA Data Science Building
Github (Code, Files, Instructions)
Stained Underwear is a kinetic sculpture that sheds light on the stigmatized and under-discussed topic of period care.

Real-time period data - the time and effort Pepi spend on period care each day during their fifteen day long period - is visualized by a sink with a robot arms scrubbing their period-stained underwear.

By bringing period data from behind closed doors into public spaces we want to reclaim the power of the body, flesh and blood against the existing patriarchal structures of Period Tax, and the lack of free access to menstrual products.
You are currently looking at Version 2 of Stained Underwear, which was specifically designed for the UVA Data Is Art competition. Explore the original prototype Version 1  below.
The Data
Stained Underwear used Pepi's real-time period data - the number of times in which they scrubbed their underwear stained with period blood to get the stains out during their irregular, 11-day-long menstruation. You can find the original data on Github.  
Data Is Art Award
Version Two of Stained Underwear received the Grand Prize in the 2024 Data Is Art Award hosted by the University of Virginia. Alongside other finalist project, Stained Underwear is exhibited in the new data science building at UVA from April to December 2024.  
Art is for sharing! All building instructions, circuit diagrams, code, and 3D models can be found on our Github. Please reach out if you have any questions or suggestions on how to further improve the project.
... first prototype of the robotic arm
... crafting the wooden base in our wood shop
... screwing down the electronics to the wooden box
... packing up the project for shipping to UVA